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  • €3,500

    Enhance your presence at Vitafoods Europe and drive traffic to your stand by placing your advert on one or more double-sided aisle banners.

    There are 41 aisle banners located strategically around the exhibition and they are used to navigate all attendees.​

    • Artwork specification: 1500mm (W) x 1000mm (H)​
    • Ready to print file vectorised (PDF and EPS)​
    • Artwork Approval Deadline: Monday 11th March 2019​

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  • €17,500

    Vitafoods Europe 2020



    DigitalVisitor Attractions

    Your exclusive opportunity to engage, network, share and present science and build new partnerships with your core target audience and achieve further business growth.


    • Your company to complete a lead qualification form indicating the type of attendees they would like to invite and the Vitafoods team will reach out to this audience inviting them to register for the event
    • Your company can provide a list of competitors pre-event and the Vitafoods team will monitor registrants to ensure these companies are not in attendance
    • Your company logo and company description on a dedicated page on the Vitafoods Europe 2019 website
    • Your Breakfast/Lunch Brief promoted on selected emails promoting Vitafoods Europe 2019 to pre-registered and prospective visitors
    • Your company logo on the Online Breakfast/Lunch Brief Registration Form where attendees can sign up for event; room capacity is limited to 40 attendees
    • Your company will receive a list of pre-registered Lunch Brief participants pre-event


    • 1 hour session which will consist of 30-40 minute presentation by your selected speakers or a panel discussion followed by Q&A (format is entire up to the client)
    • Private meeting room including:
      • AV equipment including projection screen, LCD Projector and rental of laptop
      • Cleaning and electricity included
      • Basic furniture (tables and chairs) included dependent on set up required (round tables or classroom/theatre style)
      • Breakfast or Lunch will be provided for up to 40 participants
      • Signage in the room including your company logo
      • Signage outside the room including the event name and your company logo
    • Opportunity for your company to distribute marketing materials during the Breakfast / Lunch Brief


    • Access to contact details of all attendees to Breakfast / Lunch Brief within 2 weeks of the event

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  • €6,500 per category

    Vitafoods Europe 2020




    Lead GenerationBrand AwarenessThought LeadershipVisitor Attractions

    The Life Stages Theatre will provide a platform for selected exhibitors to align themselves as solution providers within a life stage of their choice.

    The Life Stages Theatre is a unique Visitor Attraction that has been specifically designed to focus on the specific nutrition requirements needed throughout the stages of a person’s life. It will also include sessions focusing on regulatory guidance and marketing strategies that are of relevance to the specific life stages. For 2019, content has been divided into 3 categories:

    • Early Life
    • Adult Health (including Beauty)
    • Healthy Ageing

      The Life Stages Theatre – Category Sponsor package includes:


    • Your company logo, presentation and speaker information on the Life Stages Theatre page on the Vitafoods Europe website and Mobile App
    • Your company logo and presentation information in the Life Stages Theatre section of the Pre-Event Newsletter which is mailed to a targeted audience and also available to download on the website
    • Your company listed on the Sponsors page on the Vitafoods Europe websiteAt-Event:
    • Opportunity to deliver a 30 minute presentation at the Life Stages Theatre on selected category
    • Your company logo on the backdrop of the Life Stages Theatre during the event
    • Your company logo, presentation and speaker information in the Life Stages Theatre section of the Event GuidePost-Event
    • Access to the contact details for all attendees of your selected category (subject to third party approval)

      Please note:

    • There are max 5 sponsors per category
    • Speaking sessions are allocated on first come first served basis

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  • €10,000

    Vitafoods Europe 2020



    Additional Events/Community Events

    Position your company as a healthy leader and help the Vitafoods Europe attendees kick start their second day at Vitafoods Europe 2019. ​

    The Vitafoods Europe 5K Run Sponsor package includes:​


    • Your company logo promoted on the Vitafoods Europe 5K Run page on the Vitafoods Europe website​
    • Your company logo in the Vitafoods Europe 5K Run section of selected marketing material including the Vitafoods Europe Newsletter, Visitor Invitation etc
    • Inclusion in emails promoting the Vitafoods Europe 5K Run
    • Highlighted as a sponsor on the 5K Run registration form and the confirmation page once registration is completed​At-Event:​
    • Your company logo on the Vitafoods Europe 5K Run t-shirt, water bottle, flags at the start & finish line, race numbers and branding at the area​
    • Opportunity to distribute a product sample to the Vitafoods Europe 5K Run participants​
    • A stand extender floor tile highlighting you as one of the Vitafoods 5K Run Sponsors​
    • Your company logo within the 5K Run section of the Event Guide​
    • Post-Event:​
    • Access to contact details of the Vitafoods Europe 5K Run participants
    • Highlighted as Vitafoods Europe 5K Run Sponsor within the post-event Event Review​
    Supporting Documents:

    Major Sponsor Benefits ​

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  • €7,000

    Vitafoods Europe 2020




    Brand AwarenessThought Leadership

    The Vitafoods Insights editorial team explores the finer details of specific topics throughout the year. Deep Dive Reports focus on a single specialist topic, allowing a detailed understanding of the science behind a product.

    Deep Dive Reports Themes for 2019:

  • Beauty – January
  • Packaging & Labeling – February
  • Adaptogens – May
  • Clinical Trials – June
  • CBD – July
  • Sustainability & Transparency – October
  • Polyphenols – November
  • Proteins – December

    Sponsorship Programme Benefits:

  • Your brand associated with independent thought-leading content targeted at a specific audience
  • Your logo featured on dedicated download page
  • Full page advert within the editorial linking to your preferred URL
  • 90 day lead generation campaign per issue
  • 10,000+ promotional marketing impressions

    Exclusive Opportunity to 1 sponsor per issue/strong>

Supporting Documents:

Vitafoods Insights Media Kit 2019

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