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Additional Sponsorship Opportunities
Keep attendees charged up and connected while driving traffic to your booth and branding your company! This unique sponsorship allows up to eight (8) attendees at a time to continue doing business while securely charging their devices.

Sponsorship Deliverables:

  • Charging Station to be placed within your booth (corner or islands recommended), or near your booth in a major intersection if space does not permit inside booth
  • Charging Station details:
    • Eight (8) secure integrated lockers
      • User chooses vacant locker, plugs phone into charger, closes locker and enters 4 digit combination twice, and later retrieves device by selecting their locker and entering their unique code
    • Supports charging for 98% of smartphones in the US market
    • Lockers can fit standard tablets including older iPads
    • Each station is 130 lbs, 65″h x 17.5″w x 11.75″d
  • Sponsor to provide the following:
    • Custom Branding on 19” LCD Display Screen: Videos (mp4) or images (png) of any size with aspect ration of 16:9
    • Custom Branded Wrap: a vinyl wrap around the front frame (dimensions: 32″ x 53″)
  • Charging Station location receives a call-out on expo hall floor plan with sponsor logo recognition
  • Sponsor covered in attendee attraction email one month before the show