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Send a targeted email to attendees before the show. Promote your presence at the event and encourage people to visit your booth, while reinforcing your marketing message. Sponsor must provide content for the email, and Data Center World will send it on your behalf to its database of attendees who have selected to receive sponsor and exhibitor related emails.

*Pre-event emails will be sent between February 1 – March 8
*Data Center World will confirm send date and deadline no later than two weeks after receipt of contract
* HTML ONLY (Word documents, or poorly formatted HTML will be rejected, resulting in a delay of launch)
*<table> based layout, do not use <div> or any kind of float
*Fixed width <table> (fluid or variable width will not display correctly in all email clients)
*600px maximum width on outer <table>
*Inline CSS only (do not embed CSS in the <head> tag)
*All images hosted by the advertiser
*The use of background images, defined via inline CSS or HTML, is prohibited
*The use of solid dark color background is not recommended – will affect readability of email
*If a separate TEXT ONLY version is requested, that must be included in creative, otherwise a TEXT ONLY version will be generated by the platform
*Client responsible for HTML validity prior to sending to iNET Interactive / Data Center World