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10 /10
Enjoy high visibility in listings and search results on the social media sites for WFX as well as recognition in our "Thank You to our Sponsors" show ad. Exhibit Hall Sponsors also receive a Full Conference pass discount codes to share with clients.

Pre Show

  • Sponsor recognition on WFX social media sites, wfxevents.com and the mobile app, as well as on pre-event marketing
  • Recognition as a Featured Exhibitor which includes: Company and booth highlighted in all listings and search results on the wfxevents.com website, the mobile app, show guide exhibitor listings, and the WFX show floor map.
  • Company logo, URL and booth # included  in “Thank You to our Sponsors” full page ad


  • Discount Code for Full Conference pass to share with clients
  • Sponsor recognition with logo included on “Thank You to our Sponsors” onsite signage