Display Price:
$13,500 - $17,500

Title Sponsor
Is your company filled with a wealth of knowledge and a thought leader in the industry? If yes, then an Exhibitor Presented Seminar (EPS) is the perfect place for your company to present exciting new information and in-depth analysis on the topic of their choice! It can be a 60 or 90-minutes seminar or in a panel format. Help the Natural Products community learn more and grow with this opportunity!

Inclusions with this promotional opportunity:

  • Seminar comprised entirely of exhibitor content with no involvement by Show Management.
  • Show Management to provide pre-show exposure by listing Exhibitor Presented Seminar online and in marketing materials.
  • Session to be marketed as free to attend for Natural Products Expo West badge holders.
  • Room rental with seating for 200 and standard set-up is provided for 60 or 90-minute session.
  • (1) Session includes standard room set, standard A/V,  6′  table for sponsor literature and products, lead retrieval scanner, and (1) sign featuring session time, title and logo.
  • Exhibitor receives scan data post-show.

Opportunity details:

  • Space to hold up to 60-minute Exhibitor Presented Seminar: $13,500.
  • Space to hold up to 90-minute Super Exhibitor Presented Seminar: $17,500.
  • Exhibitor is responsible for securing speakers and session content.
  • Session title and subject material must be approved by New Hope Network Standards Department.
  • Disclaimer included with promotion of event and on education schedule page indicating that the content is from the exhibitor and may not reflect the views of New Hope Network.
  • Sponsorship recognition begins once contract is received. For maximum exposure contract 11-months from the event. Last date to contract: February 1, 2019.
  • Non-exclusive marketing opportunity.

Sale Deadline: