Display Price:

Brand your company at some of the most high traffic locations of the show! All visitors will walk through the expo hall lobbies, each which have two individual entrances into the expo hall.

Sponsorship Deliverables:

  • Your custom artwork on a back-lit horizontal panel, which frames the entrance of the expo hall, within one of three lobbies
  • Charging stations included on tops of panels for visitors to power up their devices
  • Each graphic panel is 93 1/4″W x 36″H and single-sided
  • Four back-lit panels are in each of the 3 lobbies, creating 12 individual sponsorship opportunities:
    • Bayside B Lobby
      • P1
      • P2
      • P3
      • P4
    • Bayside C Lobby
      • P5
      • P6
      • P7
      • P8
    • Bayside F Lobby
      • P9
      • P10
      • P11
      • P12

Supporting Documents:

Expo Entrance Backlit Panel Map