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Align your company with a top wellness influencer who has the power to help share your mission and message far and wide! The Fab 5 Influencer Team represents 5 key categories of growth, innovation, responsibility and importance in the natural products industry, and draws a crowd to boot! With this unique branding opportunity, you're guaranteed extraordinary exposure as a thought leader and brand to watch leading up to, during and after Expo West 2019.

 Inclusions with this promotional opportunity:

  • Recognition as a Silver Sponsor.
  • Opportunity for Sponsor to align with 1 of the NPEW Fab 5 Influencers with the theme that aligns with sponsor’s brand, mission and/or products.
  • Creation of a 1-minute video featuring the Influencer in the Sponsor’s booth, incorporating the Sponsor’s product, and discussing one of the content themes that represents important thought leadership by the Sponsor and Influencer. Video to be created in partnership with New Hope Network and INSPO.
    • New Hope Network to facilitate pre-show planning meetings to intro Influencer, discuss and get to know sponsor’s product line, discuss content theme, and storyboard video with Sponsor, INSPO and Influencer.
  • Prominent Sponsor exposure through all promotions of the NPEW Fab 5 Influencer Program including pre-show marketing and on the Natural Products Expo West and New Hope Network websites and emails.
  • Pre-show email spotlighting Sponsor’s and Fab 5 Influencer’s collaboration around the content theme.
  • Fab 5 Influencer, Sponsor, New Hope Network, and INSPO to share final edited video on all appropriate social media channels during Natural Products Expo West and post-show.
    • Influencer Reach:
      • Minimum of 3 posts by the Fab 5 Influencer on their most influential platform recognizing and tagging the Sponsor: pre, during, and post Expo West 2019.
      • Average audience varies by Influencer, but fall in range of 80,000 to 2,000,000.
    • New Hope Network Reach:
      • Video will be hosted on NewHope.com and shared via New Hope newsletters and social. Unique monthly visitors: 100,000. Driving approximately 400,000 monthly page views.
      • Video promoted through New Hope Social channels. Total audience: 48,000.
    • Opportunity for sponsor to use the video in an evergreen application in perpetuity.

Opportunity details:

  • Fab 5 Influencer Categories available:
  • Sponsor recognition begins once contract is received. For maximum exposure contract 11 months from event. Last date to contract: February 15, 2019.
  • Exclusive opportunity per theme and Fab 5 Influencer.

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Fab 5 Influencer Team & Themes

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