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Education Session Underwriting
Sustained strong growth in consumer demand for organic food products has caused the organic food ingredients market to evolve beyond a focus on production methods in accordance with organic standards. Organically sourced ingredients are increasingly in demand from consumers seeking products they perceive to be natural, ethical and sustainable. As a result, organic ingredients are more diverse, their production methods more ethically and socially responsible, and products more sustainable. •Discover how to stay ahead of the game by implementing the OTAs Organic Fraud Prevention Solutions into your supply chain management. •Learn how to successfully launch organic products. •Get to know the purchasing behavior of shoppers of organic foods - their motivations and true shopping experience. •Gain an understanding of shopper perceptions towards organic claims. •Learn about the Esca Bona movement and how to create a supply chain that is regenerative, nourishing and accessible to all.

Sponsorship Deliverables:


  • Underwriter logo and hyperlink to company website to appear on FiNA Theater page of Food ingredients North America/SupplySide West website
  • Underwriter recognition in show schedule, included on Food ingredients North America/SupplySide West website, Attendee Guidebook, Show Guide and Mobile App
  • Sponsor acknowledgement in promotional efforts about FiNA Theater to pre-registered attendees and potential attendees


  • FiNA Theater Organic Spotlight will take place on: Friday, October 18 12:20-2:50pm
    • ***This date is subject to change.  Any changes will not negate the agreement.
  • Underwriter recognition to appear on signage within the FiNA Theater area
  • Underwriter can provide literature or promotional items to be distributed to attendees during the Organic Spotlight in the back of the theater; underwriter is responsible for bringing literature/promotional items to FiNA Theater and the set-up/tear-down of items
  • Verbal recognition of underwriters at beginning of session