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Attract more qualified buyers to your booth! The TSE Mobile App has advanced planning tools and interactive maps that make it easy for buyers to learn about your company and products — and direct them straight to your booth.

TSE mobile is the next generation marketing tool that will help you:
• Showcase your products and services
• Be seen by potential buyers • Complement your other marketing strategies
• Stand out from the competition TSE Mobile User Statistics
• TSE attendee smartphone ownership is high: 95% in 2015… and growing
• In 2015, TSE attendee smartphone ownership increased 3% above 2014
• TSE attendees use the phone app: 77% said they downloaded the TSE Mobile app at the show

TSE Sponsorships to Accommodate Your Goals and Budget Note: All Phone app sponsorships, unless otherwise indicated, run December 1, 2017 through June 1, 2018

Rotating Banners $700
• Limit of 10 (in rotation)
• Banner displayed in multiple locations for maximum exposure
• One-touch access to your Listing
• Quick access to your booth location on the map

Featured Exhibitor $500
• Company highlighted in all listings and search results
• Company listed in Featured Exhibitors section
• Booth highlighted on the show floor map
• Up to two showcased products with photos and descriptions
• Up to three showcased specials
• Content is fully indexed and searchable
• With interactive features, buyers can:
• Book an appointment to meet you during the show
• Request a call back

Home Page Banners $700
• Highly exclusive: limited to 5 companies banners displayed in rotation
• One-touch access to your Listing
• Very visible, high click-through rate
• Quick access to your booth location on the map

Product Category Banners $500
• Highly exclusive: limited to three banners on rotation per product category
• Attract the attention of highly targeted buyers
• Your company’s banner stays at the top of your chosen product category
• One-touch access to your booth location on the map

Map Banners $1,000
• Exclusive: Only 3 sponsors for the Map Banner
• Reach more than 90% of attendees
• Clear and visible banner right on the map
• Links directly to your virtual booth within the Mobile App

Full Screen Ads $1,175
• You provide the design
• Ads available both pre-show and onsite at TSE
• Multiple strategic locations available throughout the app (check with sales manager for options)
• Links directly to your virtual booth within the Mobile App

Special Announcements/Alerts $300
• Goes right into the attendees’s Inbox with alert on home screen
• Includes a photo, description, and link to your Listing
• Push Notifications reach users even when the App is not open
• Available throughout entire TSE week