Size                                                 Price
Leaderboard                                 $1,900
Button Ad 1st Position             $1,700
Button Ad 2nd Position            $1,700
Button Ad 3rd Position             $1,500
Floor Plan Online Banner Ad $650     Your company’s banner on the exhibit floorplan (Limited: 3 companies)

Ads are 3x rotating sponsors. Rate quoted is 1x rotation.

Leaderboard                                 728×90 pixels
Button Ad 1st Position             300×250 pixels
Button Ad 2nd Position            300×250 pixels
Button Ad 3rd Position             300×250 pixels
Floor Plan Online Banner Ad 207×60 pixels

Sponsorships under $2,000 are available on a first right of refusal basis for a maximum of 3 years.

Technical Specifications
• For all website ads: Max file size under 40k
• Acceptable file types: JPG, GIF, animated GIF, Flash, HTML, Flash and third party tags
• Frames and Looping: Maximum Frames: 4; Looping: 3 times
• 3rd Party Ad Serving: Will accept most 3rd Party ad tags including DART, Adknowledge, 24/7 and L90
• For interactive rich media such as expandable ads or in-banner videos, we follow IAB standard guidelines as seen here
• If you’re using DoubleClick DFA, please provide internal redirects. (inred)
• If you’re sending Flash, please provide a back-up GIF for visitors who do not have the Flash plug-in on their browser
• For all ads, please provide target URL separately
• Material Deadlines: Materials due 5 business days prior to posting. Include referring URL and alt text with instructions
• Do not send any script files such as JS (javascript), or all attachments will be removed from your e-mail, even if the files are zipped. If any script or executable files are attached to an e-mail, all attachments are removed by our e-mail servers due to its potential for malicious content. It is best to include only necessary files to avoid problems/delays
• We will repeat your ad until we receive replacement materials
• It is the advertiser’s responsibility to maintain the link for the duration of the ad Send Your Artwork TODAY! Send the artwork to your sales account executive.