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Nutrition has long been associated with healthier skin, hair and nails. Although not a new concept, beauty from within is gaining momentum. The market for beauty supplements has been growing steadily. In the nutricosmetics summit, we aim to provide an overview of market trends, ingredients and use of claims. In addition to busting some of the beauty myths, we will also look at epigenetics and introduce the latest 3D culture model to evaluate the effects of nutraceutical and cosmetic ingredients on skin health.

The Summit sponsorship package includes:

  • Highlighted as the Summit sponsor through an extensive marketing campaign including marketing emails, Event Preview, Visitor Invitation etc.
  • Your company logo in the Education Brochure emailed to a selected database and also published on the Vitafoods Europe Website & Mobile App
  • Programme development: Senior Conference Producer to source, secure and manage all speaker logistics


  • A 30 minute speaking opportunity by your company’s representative
  • Organisation of the Summit (AV, room hire, catering, speaker research, acquisition and logistics)
  • 5 free passes to the Summit with an option to purchase further delegate passes at a 25% discount
  • Your company logo and speaker & presentation information on the Delegate Documentation recognising you as the Summit Sponsor
  • Your company logo and speaker & presentation within the Event Guide recognising you as the Summit Sponsor
  • Your company logo on the holding slides that will appear between session presentations


  • Lead Generation: access to the contact details of the Summit attendees (opt-in data only)

    Major Sponsor Benefits

    Exclusive to 2 companies only