Display Price:
$1,325 - $2,350

The Special Event Show Directory is the information source for industry professionals at the show. It is distributed to every attendee at registration. With detailed exhibitor information, conference schedules, general information and an exhibit hall floor plan, the Show Directory is referred to constantly throughout the show and then taken back to the office for future reference. Make sure your company is in front of the special event industry professionals before and after the show - reserve your ad space today!

Reserve Your Show Directory Advertising Space Today!

Ad Reservation Deadline: November 30, 2018

Size                                                 Price
Full Page                                        $1,875
1/2 page vertical                         $1,325
1/2 page horizontal                   $1,325

Premium Positions
Inside Front Cover                      $2,350
Inside Back Cover                       $2,350
Back Cover                                     $2,350
Facing Inside Front Cover        $2,000
Facing Inside Back Cover         $2,000

Logo Stoppers                             $165

Material Requirements:
Directory Trim Size: 7.75” x 10.75”
(bleed size: 8” x 11”)
• Electronic Files Required
• Files must be High-Resolution PDF
• All images must be 300 dpi minimum
• For color ads, all images must be in 4-color CMYK color format (not RGB)
• For full page bleed ads, keep live info at least .25” inside trim edge. Pull bleeds .125” beyond trim edge

Upload Instructions:
• Files under 10MB can be e-mailed to jaeson.lokatys@informa.com.
• If files are over 10MB, please use a common file transfer service (Dropbox, Hightail, etc.)

• Ad reservation questions: Contact Kevin Hacke at 312-840-8438 • kevin.hacke@knect365.com
• Ad material or uploading questions: Contact Jaeson Lokatys at 913-981-6148 • jaeson.lokatys@informa.com