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Sports Nutrition Presence Package is a cost-effective approach to help you stand out from your competition and connect with the senior audience interested in Sports Nutrition pre, at and post event.

The Sports Nutrition Presence Package includes:​

  • An exclusive product display in the Sports Nutrition Zone​
  • Your product sampled in the Sampling Bar within the Sports Nutrition Zone for the 3 days of the event​
  • A 30 minute speaking presentation in the Sports Nutrition Theatre, including access to contact details of attendees (opt-in data only)​
  • A half page advert within the Sports Nutrition Guide available on the Vitafoods Europe website from April to August 2019 and distributed during the event​
  • An enhanced company profile listing in the Sports Nutrition Guide including your company logo, 50 word company description and stand number​

    Please note:​

  • The total cost of the 4 items listed above if bought separately is: €6,400​
  • Sports Nutrition Presence Package is limited to 8 companies only ​
  • The 4 items listed above will not be sold individually until February 2019 but we can’t guaranteed availability
  • Speaking sessions are allocated on first come first served basis

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