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Lead GenerationProduct Demonstration/SamplingVisitor Attractions
A unique opportunity to personally distribute your product samples and demonstrate their benefits to an industry which is hungry to source the latest functional products within the Tasting Centre.

65%* of the Vitafoods Europe audience is visiting the Tasting Centre to see, touch and taste the latest functional foods and beverages.

The Tasting Centre Spotlight Takeover package includes:​

  • Your Spotlight Takeover promoted within the Tasting Centre page on the Vitafoods Europe website ​
  • Your Spotlight Takeover information within the Vitafoods Europe 2019 Newsletter​

  • Your representatives demonstrating your selected product(s) and giving away samples for 45 minutes at the Spotlight Takeover bar​
  • Your Spotlight promoted on the timetable within the Tasting Centre​
  • Opportunity for your representatives to give away flyers during your Spotlight Takeover​
  • Your Spotlight Takeover and your logo promoted on all digital advertising screens located strategically around the exhibition floor​
  • Your Spotlight Takeover promoted within the Tasting Centre section of the Event Guide distributed to all event attendee​
  • Your Spotlight Takeover information promoted within the Tasting Centre Directory which will be available to download on the website from April to August 2019 but also distributed free-of-charge at the event​

    *Fusion Insight & Strategy Results, July 2018​

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