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SupplySide East is bringing back the Visitor Appreciation Reception where we welcome and celebrate show visitors the evening of the first day of the show!

Sponsorship Deliverables:

Date: June 22, 2020

Time: 4-5:30pm (immediately after the expo hall closes on Day 1)

Location: Embassy Suites Atrium – next door to Meadowlands Exposition Center


  • Sponsor recognition on the Schedule, located on SupplySide East website and in Show Guide
  • Event page, within schedule, on SupplySide East website will include Visitor Appreciation Reception details and sponsor logo recognition
  • Sponsor logo within dedicated Visitor Appreciation Reception ad in Show Guide
  • Visitor Appreciation Reception will be promoted in pre-show emails to potential and registered attendees


  • Visitor Appreciation Reception will include Deluxe Bars and Appetizer Platters
  • Drink tickets with sponsor logo will be given to visitors (not exhibitors) for use at Deluxe Bars
  • Sponsor will receive drink tickets to distribute to their customers
  • Digital Signage in SupplySide East Lobby area  will promote Visitor Appreciation Reception with sponsor logo recognition
  • Sponsor logo on directional signage to Visitor Appreciation Reception location
  • Sponsor’s two-color logo on napkins distributed at reception bars and food stations
  • Sponsor logo on graphics at Visitor Appreciation Reception
  • Sponsor can provide artwork for two (2) double-sided meter boards which will be displayed during the Visitor Appreciation Reception
  • Sponsor to provide artwork by May 18, 2020


  • Sponsor will receive leads of all badges scanned at Visitor Appreciation Reception
  • Sponsor will receive photos from the Visitor Appreciation Reception

Not available – subject to first right of renewal