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The nearly US$3 trillion food and beverage market are experiencing phenomenal growth, due in part to consumer demand for innovative offerings and healthier products, which means brands will be bringing innovative products to market faster than ever. But the process from ideation to final product isn’t easy, partnering with a co-packer can lead to a multitude of benefits, including alleviating uncertainties and streamlining the manufacturing process, and increasing time to market. This session will review: • The role a co-packer plays in the food and beverage manufacturing process (what benefits they bring to the table etc.) • How to find a co-packer whose priorities and capabilities align with your needs and how to negotiate a contract that benefits both parties • Ingredient sourcing, supply chain management and quality assurance.

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  • Underwriter mentioned in write-ups on appropriate Health & Nutrition brand websites, including Natural Products INSIDER
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  • Workshop will take place on: Thursday, October 17 2-4pm
    • ***This date is subject to change.  Any changes will not negate the agreement.
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  • Underwriter receives two (2) complimentary passes for company representatives to attend the Workshop


  • Post-show email distributed to all Workshop participants
  • Underwriter may submit up to 40 pages of scientific literature (abstracts, white papers, etc.) to be included in post-show email that is in conjunction with speaker appreciation email. Deadline: September 3, 2019
  • Underwriter to receive complete contact information for Workshop visitors, excluding those who have opted out of Informa’s privacy policy