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The foundational value proposition of supplements is to help consumers extend their health spans. Supplement aisles in stores are routinely organized and categorized according to health conditions that, collectively, could be known as healthy aging—from bone and brain health to prostate support and skin vibrance. This session will look at trending ingredients used in hot health sectors—nutrition science, consumer resonance, and formulation tips and tricks. Join us for a couple hours and become wiser in the ways of things like:

  • Collagen is still booming—what the science supports and new product concepts for this versatile ingredient
  • CBD and cannabis for beauty and skin disorders—another great use for this catch-all ingredient
  • Personalized nutrition is changing health care—how brands can capitalize on new consumer intel on their own bodies

Webinar will take place on:

  • Date: Thursday, December 10, 2020*
  • Time: 1-3pm EDT
  • *This date is subject to change.  Any changes will not negate the agreement. 

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