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Activities & Events
Help show attendees get a balanced start to their day by sponsoring morning yoga classes, available each day before the expo hall opens.

Not Available – Subject to First Right of Renewal

Date/Time: November 2 & 3 from 7:30 – 8:30am

Location: North Convention Center, Lower Level, South Pacific C*

*Location subject to change. Any changes will not negate the agreement

Sponsorship Deliverables:


  • Sponsor logo recognition within the schedule included on show website and Expo Preview
  • Yoga will be promoted on the Events & Show Features page of the Expo Preview, including sponsor logo recognition
  • Dedicated form for visitors to pre-register for Yoga, including sponsor logo recognition
    • Pre-registration will be monitored by Show Management, providing regular attendance updates as requested by sponsor
  • Dedicated two-touch email campaign sent to pre-registered visitors and exhibitors promoting Yoga with the registration link, including sponsor logo recognition
  • Yoga will be promoted to pre-registered and potential visitors in emails, including other relevant show information


  • Yoga will take place both mornings of the expo hall prior to the show floor opening, allowing up to 100 registrants per day
  • A trained yoga instructor will lead attendees through an hour-long yoga class
    • Mats will be provided by the yoga instructor
    • Water and towels will be available within the yoga space
  • Each yoga participant will receive:
    • Yoga bag with one-color sponsor logo
    • Reusable water bottle with one-color sponsor logo
  • Your custom artwork on (2) single-sided meter boards within the yoga space
  • Sponsor logo on directional signage and a check-in sign for Yoga
  • Yoga will be promoted within the Show Directory, including sponsor logo recognition
  • Call-out with location on the education map within the Show Directory
  • Yoga will be promoted within the agenda of the show mobile app, including sponsor logo recognition
  • Sponsor logo recognition in social media post on LinkedIn and Twitter promoting Yoga
  • Push notification(s) within the show mobile app promoting Yoga


  • Sponsor will receive photos from the event, captured by a professional photographer
  • Sponsor will receive a performance marketing report with metrics relating to the yoga sponsorship exposure
  • Sponsor will receive list of visitors who registered for and attended the event with complete contact information, excluding those who have opted out of Informa’s privacy policy