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Sponsor a Breakfast or Lunch Brief at SupplySide West to showcase scientific insights around a featured ingredient of your focus. These briefs offer a setting for you to buy a breakfast or lunch for up to 40 industry executives interested in learning more about your products and services.

Breakfast Briefs

9 – 10am

  • Thursday, October 17th
  • Friday, October 18th

Lunch Briefs

Noon – 1pm

  • Thursday, October 17th
  • Friday, October 18th

Sponsorship Deliverables:


  • Sponsor acknowledgement on Agenda-at-a-Glance, featured on SupplySide West website, Expo Preview, Show Guide and Mobile App
  • Sponsor acknowledgement with Brief description on Education page of SupplySide West website and Mobile App
  • Sponsor acknowledgement within online Registration where attendees can sign up for event; Registration is limited to 40 attendees
  • Sponsor acknowledgement in promotional emails about Briefs to pre-registered attendees and potential attendees
  • Sponsor will receive list of pre-registered Brief participants pre-show
  • Sponsor can provide a list of competitors pre-show and show management will monitor registrants to ensure these companies are not in attendance
  • Sponsor can provide a ‘wish list’ of business type to target in marketing efforts to attendees


  • Sponsored session will feature one to two expert speakers identified and invited by the sponsor; suggestions include a researcher providing insights into the latest ingredient science and/or a formulator on the application considerations
  • Hour-long session will consist of 30-40 minute presentation by sponsoring speaker(s), followed by a moderated discussion
  • Sponsor is responsible for providing the speakers and moderator
  • Meeting room will include basic A/V package: podium with microphone, clip-on microphone, LCD projector and projector screen (Sponsor to provide laptop computer)
  • Breakfast or Lunch will be provided for up to 40 participants
  • Signage including company logo outside of meeting room
  • Sponsor may distribute marketing materials at Brief


  • Sponsor will receive electronic list of Brief participants with contact information