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Expo Hall Opportunities
The Good Food Future Starts With The Supply Chain. Highlight Your Ingredient Excellence With Esca Bona At SupplySide.

[New For 2018] Esca Bona at SupplySide West

A pavilion on the SupplySide West 2018 show floor dedicated to the doers, go-getters and innovators leading our supply chain.

What is Esca Bona?

Esca Bona means “good food” in Latin, and we created the Esca Bona at SupplySide platform to engage and serve companies working to create a good food system that is regenerative, nourishing and accessible to all. We believe good food is grown, raised, caught and harvested under humane, fair, sustainable and even restorative practices. Good food is gently or minimally processed and contributes to the health of the people who consume it, as well as to the environmental, economic and social health of the communities in which it is produced.

Our vision for Esca Bona at SupplySide is to champion and build a road map for efforts that are:

  • Regenerative, delivering continual improvements to the food supply chain from an environmental, economic and societal perspective;
  • Nourishing, promoting health-supportive practices and ingredients that nurture and revitalize human health, and strengthen human connections to food, planet and one another; and
  • Accessible, making it possible for all people everywhere to eat healthy food and benefit from the fruits of a good food system.

We are here to showcase and support the companies that are on the road toward building this regenerative, nourishing and accessible food system, while inspiring and showing others how to join us on this journey.

Sponsorship Deliverables:

  • Sponsor recognition as a Founding Champion of Esca Bona At SupplySide 2018
  • Special badge recognition as a Founding Champion of Esca Bona At SupplySide 2018
  • Sponsor recognition on dedicated Esca Bona At SupplySide landing page of SupplySide West website
  • Sponsor recognition in promotional emails to pre-registered attendees
  • Full page ad in Attendee Guidebook promoting all Esca Bona At SupplySide sponsors
  • Sponsor logo recognition on signage within Esca Bona At SupplySide Pavilion
  • Sponsor receives (4) complimentary badges for company personnel
  • Reserved meeting space within the Esca Bona At SupplySide Pavilion
    • Meeting space includes:
      • Seating with stools
      • Kiosk with sponsor logo on side panel
      • Electrical drop
    • Ingredient Story Showcase slot at the Esca Bona At SupplySide theater
      • Ingredient Story Showcase features two 30-minute blocks on both expo hall days at the Esca Bona At SupplySide theater dedicated to Ingredient Story Showcase
        • Highlight your ingredient/product in a quick 3-5-minute*, interactive presentation at the Esca Bona At SupplySide theater
          • *3-5-minute presentation as final schedule allows
        • Sponsor can provide up to 3 slides for presentation
        • Sponsor recognition on signage at Esca Bona At SupplySide theater promoting Ingredient Story Showcase
        • Sponsor is encouraged to tweet on-site prior to their Ingredient Story Showcase presentation using the identified SupplySide West 2018 hashtag; SupplySide will retweet Ingredient Story Showcase postings
        • Mobile app alert promoting Ingredient Story Showcase
        • Ingredient Story Showcase agenda/schedule included in the digital Esca Bona At SupplySide Show Guide with sponsor recognition
      • Sponsor recognition in posts on all SupplySide West social media streams on the Informa networks (minimum twice a month leading up to the show, managed by the SupplySide Marketing Team)
      • 1-page sponsor participation in the Stories of Excellence within the digital Esca Bona At SupplySide Show Guide, dedicated to the sponsor’s brand story
        • Advertorial page may be submitted by sponsor, or will be developed in a Q&A format by Informa’s Content Marketing Team
      • Sponsor recognition through cross-promotion at Esca Bona Austin event

Sponsorship: $5,000*

*Sponsorship dollars are applied to SupplySide priority points

Supporting Documents:

Esca Bona At SupplySide Sponsorship Flyer