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This year, when attendees can't visit us in Anaheim, we are delivering Anaheim to them! Align your brand with the magic of Natural Products Expo West with this fun and interactive box, full of nostalgic goodies, delivered to 50 lucky attendees. As a sponsor you will not only get to include one of your products inside the box, but also benefit from logo recognition anywhere and everywhere we talk about this great campaign to get our attendees excited for NPEW Virtual!

  • Recognition as the Natural Products Expo West Virtual Experience Anaheim Box Exclusive Sponsor.
    • The NPEW Virtual Experience Anaheim Box is a box mailed to attendees, filled with one of your products and a collection of promotional items representing the experience we all miss back in Anaheim!
  • Sponsor to be featured as the exclusive sponsor of the Experience Anaheim Box throughout an extensive marketing campaign.
    • Recipients of the box will be selected after a month long marketing campaign to the full Natural Products Expo West audience of over 100,000 qualified industry members.
      • 50 actively engaged NPEW Virtual registrants will be selected as a result of this campaign to receive the box.
    • The marketing campaign will extend beyond this initial push leading up to NPEW Virtual week to continue to tell the story of each item in the Experience Anaheim Box, always featuring the Sponsor logo.
  • Opportunity to prominently feature one of your products within the Experience Anaheim Box.
    • Sponsor product featured right on top upon opening the box and Sponsor logo incorporated into the design of the outside of the box.
    • 9 additional promotional items, each representing a piece of the in-person experience included in the box. See items below.
  • During NPEW Virtual week, the Sponsor will be mentioned multiple times by the MC with a call to action for the full audience to engage through the “gamification” of visiting the Sponsor’s Virtual Booth.
    • Opportunity to incorporate product placement into the MC’s shout outs.
    • Opportunity to provide additional incentives for attendees upon visiting the virtual booth.
  • Recognition as a Natural Products Expo West Virtual Sponsor.
    • Highlighted as a Sponsor, listed in all marketing pieces including: Website, Advertisements and the Natural Products Expo West Virtual Event platform during the event week.
    • Company logo featured on all digital event sponsor appreciation advertising displayed within Natural Products Expo West Virtual.
    • Company listed as a Sponsor in Natural Products Expo Virtual booth directory.
    • All company representatives listed as Sponsors in Natural Products Expo Virtual attendee directory.
    • 4 Priority points added.
  • The following 9 promotional items included in the box with a corresponding story.
    • Reusable bamboo utensils & straw: What would NPEW be without the innovative food and beverage!? We all love to sample tasty treats on the show floor, enjoy a meal with friends and colleagues, and do it all sustainably. This item signifies Expo’s love of food and planet.
    • Silicone pint glass: What’s better than a cold drink with peers while enjoying live music on the Grand Plaza? This is where we all meet up to imbibe and network with a delicious refreshment in hand. The silicone cup signifies just that – a fun vessel filled with whatever ails you and the celebration of community!
    • Cooling towel: The best part of waking up…. is Yoga on the Grand Plaza! Starting your day by breaking a sweat and prioritizing movement bright and early makes for a great day on the show floor, especially when it’s virtual. This cooling towel will be the perfect addition to any workout, including a California sun salutation.
    • Enamel pin: NPEW veterans love to flaunt how many year’s they have been coming to the show, a true symbol of their dedication and love of the natural products industry! For the first time, we are introducing an enamel pin to commemorate NPEW and all of the magic created when we come together.
    • Inflatable palm tree floating koozie: NPEW is not your normal business show, whether you’re on the show floor or out on the Grand Plaza, we know how to combine work and play. Attendees will be reminded of the fun-loving-side of NPEW while they work (or relax) with their favorite beverage floating right alongside of them.
    • Blue light blocking glasses: Natural Products Expo West is virtual this year, which means all of the same amazing content is available to attendees, but in the comfort of their own homes. With these glasses, attendees will be sure to protect their eyes while diving into all of the must-see content!
    • Rocketbook: Expo West’s content and education is all about staying up-to-date with the latest trends. This high-tech notebook will help attendees keep track of all the new information they learn and give them a taste of the latest technology in notetaking. Attendees will be able to take hand-written notes and then easily upload them to their favorite digital medium.
    • Wireless charging pad: We’ve all been there – we have hours left to on the tradeshow floor, but our phone is at 4%! Well that won’t be a problem for attendees this year with this wireless charging pad. Attendees will be able to charge their device while also getting their workspace ready for NPEW Virtual!
    • Beeswax wrap: Our attendees love the outdoors, which makes them passionate about sustainability and keeping the natural spaces they love clean and thriving. The beeswax wrap is perfect for our nature-loving audience. With this organic, reusable and fully sustainable alternative to plastic wrap, they’ll be ready to pack up their favorite snacks and travel the great outdoors, responsibly.


  • Sponsor to provide 55 singular products for Show Management to assemble along with the other promotional items and ship the boxes to 50 attendees.
  • Show Management to select and produce 9 promotional items. Items described above subject to change due to Sponsor product and/or availability.
  • Recognition begins once contract is received.
    • Last date to contract: March 26, 2021
  • Exclusive sponsorship opportunity.

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