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Inclusions with this promotional opportunity:

  • Recognition as a Gold Sponsor
  • Exhibitor and New Hope content team choose presenters.
  • Presenters must be approved by New Hope content team to preserve the integrity of the session Marketed as free-to-attend.
  • Presenters are hosted and paid by exhibitor (excluding registration fees).
  • New Hope and client develop content collaboratively.
  • All content is vetted by New Hope content team.
  • Session moderated by New Hope content team member.
  • Co-branded marketing with New Hope and exhibitor using “Brought to you by” and “In partnership with” language.
  • Pre-show exposure in marketing materials.*
  • Exhibitor receives scan data post-show.
  • Infographic.
  • (1) Social media push through the Engredea Twitter page.

Opportunity details:

  • Sponsorship recognition begins once contract is received. For maximum exposure contract 11 months from the event. Last date to contract: Friday, January 13, 2017.
  • Exclusive sponsorship

* Deadlines apply.