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1 /Exclusive to Tuesday Keynote
Want an opportunity to market your company to all attendees at one time, in one room? Become the Keynote Sponsor and ensure your company’s exposure at this high profile event that consistently brings in a large number of attendees. Your sponsorship earns you signage, a 60-second pre-keynote commercial, a seat drop, and one minute to speak prior to the Keynote speaker.

*Logo included in marketing of the Keynote (website, schedule, onsite guide, onsite schedule signage)
*Event Signage (two 7’, free standing single sided signs that are displayed at the entrance to the keynote room, advertising sponsorship)
*PPT slide show loop during the 15 minutes prior to the keynote (playing while attendees walk-in and get seated) (PPT slides provided by Sponsor)
*Introduction and thank you to Sponsor given by Keynote host/MC
*60-Second Pre-keynote commercial to run on large screens prior to start of Keynote (provided by Sponsor)
*Seat Drop item (one item provided by Sponsor, pre-approved by Data Center World; produced and shipped at Sponsor’s expense)
*One bag insert (item supplied and shipped by Sponsor; pre-approved by Data Center World)
*One one-hour Product Information Session (Subject to approval by Data Center World)