Display Price:

Visitors will see your custom artwork each time they walk through the Expo Hall Lobbies or are standing outside of it when entering or exiting the expo hall. These will sell fast – don’t miss your opportunity!

Sponsorship Deliverables:

  • Your custom artwork on a back-lit vertical panel which frames the entrance of the expo hall lobby giving your company exposure to all participants entering that lobby!
  • Each graphic panel is 36″W x 93 1/4″H and double-sided
  • Four back-lit panels are located at each of the 3 lobbies, creating 12 individual sponsorship opportunities:
  • Bayside B Lobby
    • L1
    • L2
    • L3
    • L4
  • Bayside C Lobby
    • L5
    • L6
    • L7
    • L8
  • Bayside F Lobby
    • L9
    • L10
    • L11
    • L12

Supporting Documents:

Lobby Entrance Backlit Panel Map