Display Price:

Your promotion will be broadcasted via a push notification within the mobile app. Push notifications reach users whether they have the app opened or not.

Sponsorship Deliverables:

  • 2 push notifications (1 each day of the expo hall). Only available to 4 companies
    • The push notes go into the attendee’s inbox with the alert on the home screen, and they reach users even when the App is not open
  • Sponsor to provide copy, 100-character limit including spaces and punctuation
  • The push note will be scheduled at the discretion of Show Management
  • Metrics on push notifications will be provided post-show
  • Includes a Mobile App – Enhanced Listing
    • Display your company logo in exhibitor listing and interactive floor map
    • Company name will be flagged/highlighted in exhibitor listing
    • Include up to 4 pieces of content (video files, PDF brochures, case studies, etc.) – content may be refreshed at any time
      • Content can include up to 4 PDF files OR
      • 3 PDF files plus 1 video file
    • Available on all iOS, Android and Web Mobile versions

**This individual sponsorship does not meet the minimal spend to receive sponsor benefits.