Display Price:
$500 - $900

Get your products noticed before, during and after the show! Attendees use Natural Products Expo Connect to find all the products they want to see at Natural Products Expo East, and yours will be on the top of the list!

Marketing Opportunity Inclusions:

  • Product recognition pre-show and post-show on Natural Products Expo Connect.
  • “Featured” icon  to display on selected product anywhere that product appears, including on your Exhibitor Listing profile page.
  • Featured digital products will show up at the top of any product or ingredients based search inquiries that match the featured product description.
  • Traffic will be driven to the Featured Digital Products on the Natural Products Expo Connect website via the following vehicles:
    • Promoted in pre-show and post-show email to registered attendees.
    • Direct link to the Natural Product Expo Connect Product Directory from expoeast.com for the full 5 month length of the marketing opportunity.
    • Homepage advertisement for Natural Product Expo Connect Featured Products on expoeast.com with direct link driving attendees to the Natural Product Expo Connect Featured Products.


  • Products must be approved by New Hope Network standards department.
  • $500 for purchase of a Natural Product Expo Connect Featured Digital Product only.
  • $900 bundled with purchase of a Natural Product Expo Connect Featured Digital Listing.
  • All products content are subject to approval by New Hope Network Standards.
  • Product to be featured on Natural Products Expo Connect from Wednesday, May 1st 2019 – Friday, November 1st 2019.
  • Non-exclusive marketing opportunity.

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