Display Price:

This is a unique opportunity to make a product-specific presentation to your target audience and position your company as an industry leader. Your hour-long presentation will be part of the official Data Center World program and will be publicized in conference related publications and other promotional materials.

• 1 – 50-60 minute presentation (duration TBD)

Advertising and Signage:
• PIS considered part of the official Data Center World program
• Publicized in print brochures (if submitted and contracted prior to brochure production)
• Session Room will have one sign listing all sessions by date and time for that room

DataCenterWorld.com Exposure:
• PIS title, description, company logo, and speaker/company listed in the Schedule of Sessions online
• Opportunity to provide the PPT slides to be included in the official event digital files for all attendees to access.
• Logo posted in the sponsorship catalog

Room & AV:
• Session room will be set either Theater or Classroom (or a combination of both) and will accommodate approximately 75-100 people
• Session room will be equipped with a microphone and an LCD projector with screen (screen size will vary depending on what is appropriate with the room size and set up)
• Additional AV is available at the expense of the PIS sponsor/exhibitor

• PIS speaker must be registered as a booth rep