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Brand AwarenessProduct Demonstration/Sampling
Do you have a branded item or a product sample that you would like distributed to the top 21,000+ nutraceuticals industry professionals? ​

Place your branded item or product sample at the Vitafoods Europe Visitor Entrance to maximise your brand exposure and drive traffic to your stand.​

  • Exclusive Distribution Bin at the Visitor Entrance for the 3 days of the event ​
  • Your company logo and stand number on the Distribution Bin
    Please note:​

  • Sponsor to produce and deliver a minimum of 8,000 samples, using eco-friendly products ​
  • Branded item or product sample needs to be approved by the Organiser​
  • The branded item cannot be a bag, pen or a lanyard, but you can have a Refillable Water Bottle, a USB, Antibacterial Gel etc. ​
  • Food & beverage samples that don’t include functional ingredients will not be accepted (for example; you are not able to distribute a chocolate bar, but you are able to distribute a chocolate bar that contains Astaxanthin)​
  • Food or beverage samples must be single-serve and approved sample size by the Organiser​
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