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Stream live on the SupplySide Facebook page on-site at SupplySide East! This is your opportunity to connect with our 11K+ followers at the show and at home with the unique energy of your brand! We’ll provide the set, professional audio and visual and the audience – you provide the branding, messaging and fun! For up to 15 minutes, the stage is yours to tell your story. This exclusive sponsorship is only available to ten companies, so reserve your spot today!

Sponsorship Deliverables:

SupplySide Live video time slot: Tuesday, June 23 between 1pm-4pm


  • Sponsor to provide talking points for interviewer by June 8, 2020
  • Sponsor to provide full name and title for their speaker by June 8, 2020 (included in lower 1/3 of video footage, no banner or signage necessary)


  • Up to a 15-minute Facebook Live video shot on-site at SupplySide East in the SupplySide Podcast Live Lounge
  • Facebook Live video format will be light Q/A similar to a morning talk show
  • Sponsor to provide 1-2 company representative(s) for video filming
  • Sponsor to arrive 15 minutes prior to scheduled time
  • Sponsor can provide product sample to be on tabletop display during video
  • Video will stream on the SupplySide Facebook page during the interview (and be available on-demand post-interview)
  • 1 Tweet during the show with a mention of sponsor and their booth number
  • 1 LinkedIn mention with video


  • 1 post-show Facebook boost (post) to your target Geo/demo specs
  • Video will be provided to you post-show for your own marketing purposes
  • Gallery of all SupplySide Live! videos featured on supplysideeast.com post-show

Sponsorship Best Practices:

  • Tell your story. Is there a special ingredient, sourcing practice, product claim or attribute that makes you unique? How about an interesting tale about starting your company and the entrepreneurial process? What’s something you can claim that your competitors cannot? Is there a new product launch or something in development that you’d like to announce or tease out?
  • Talk about exciting events taking place at your booth or around the show. Avoid being pitchy.
  • Bring product samples and anything to display your branding.
  • Bring your marketing/social colleague to the interview and have them ready to share and respond to comments live.

Prohibited Claims

  • Product information being disseminated at any SupplySide event must meet the following standards:
    • Disease claims are prohibited for dietary supplements.
    • Promotion of a product to treat, prevent, mitigate or cure any disease or condition, including but not limited to diabetes, cancer, flu, cold, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease is not permitted for dietary supplements.
    • Claims based on traditional use must clearly communicate that the sole basis for the claim is its history of use for a particular purpose.
    • Claims must be appropriate for dietary supplements and do not advertise the product as a “drug” under the FDCA. Claims that are a high priority for FDA include (but are not limited to): weight loss, body building, sexual enhancement and products for children. For more information about claims that can be made for conventional foods and dietary supplements, visit fda.gov.
  • For more information about SupplySide Compliance Standards, click here.

SupplySide Live! Schedule

Tuesday, June 23

  • 1:30-2pm
  • 2-2:30pm
  • 2:30-3pm
  • 3-3:30pm