Display Price:
US $300 per product

Brand AwarenessProduct Demonstration/SamplingVisitor Attractions
A cost-effective way to have your product(s) sampled your product and drive traffic to your stand by placing your product within Tasting Centre.

The Tasting Centre is a one of the most popular and useful visitor attractions. It is a free-to-attend visitor attraction that enables visitors to see, touch and sample the latest functional food and beverages.

Package includes:

  • Your product information listed in the Tasting Centre page on the Vitafoods Asia website
  • Opportunity (but not guaranteed) for your product to be featured in the Vitafoods Asia Newsletter
  • Your product displayed in the Tasting Centre during Vitafoods Asia, alongside a display card including your company logo, stand number, product name & 50 word product descriptionPlease note:
  • There is a limited spaces available and you are not able to reserve/pre-book spaces.
  • To qualify for this area your product must be a finished product and have a pleasant taste.
  • Maximum 2 products per exhibiting companyInclusions & Guidelines

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