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From active consumers to gamers, students and business professionals, optimizing cognitive performance is an increasingly popular pursuit that provides an expanding target for brands and formulators. This session will look at environmental and lifestyle impacts on cognitive performance as well as nootropics and related cognitive ingredients, detailing mechanisms of action and potential benefits. Also, it will shine a light on the gaming community and how brands can target gamers with focus, attention, stress, vision and energy solutions. This session will cover:

  • Market Insights – Informa presents compiled data from multiple market data/trends sources.
  • Nutrition meets neuroscience – presentation on lifestyle and dietary impacts on cognitive performance
  • Nootropics – science and mechanisms of action by expert on nootropic science
  • Gaming Panel – experts on ingredients and formulation for gamers

Webinar will take place on:

  • Date: TBD*
  • Time:  TBD
  • *This date is subject to change.  Any changes will not negate the agreement.

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