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Additional Sponsorship Opportunities
Provide SupplySide West participants with the convenience of wireless internet throughout the show floor and meeting rooms.

Sponsorship Deliverables:


  • Sponsor acknowledgement in final confirmation email sent to pre-registered participants the week before the show with Wi-Fi Login instructions and hyperlink to sponsor landing page of choice


  • Free Wi-Fi for show participants throughout the expo hall & education area
  • Wi-Fi login password can be determined by sponsor to brand company name
  • Once user has entered password, they will be taken to a landing page of sponsor’s choice – sponsor to provide URL; Note: page must be reactive so it automatically resizes for all mobile devices, phones, tablets, etc.
  • Sponsor logo included on signage in Registration, Bayside Foyer, Convention Center Walkway, Expo Hall and Education Area promoting Free Wi-Fi with login instructions
  • Sponsor logo included on Wi-Fi instruction cards given to all visitors when they pick up their badge
  • Sponsor logo with Wi-Fi login instructions in Show Guide distributed to all visitors
  • Information Desk located in Bayside Foyer will be heavily branded with Wi-Fi details
  • Sponsor logo will be displayed in large graphics with Wi-Fi login instructions
  • Sponsor literature can be distributed at this location