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As the average lifespan continues to increase, many consumers are taking a more proactive approach to healthy aging, looking for solutions to help support well-being throughout their lives. Scientists are also unlocking the mysteries of the aging process, which has made way for some deeply engrained notions to be unseated by new understandings. Examining key physiological pathways of aging and the types of ingredients that can affect change can lead to product development wins. In this session, visitors will learn about: • Aspects of cellular aging that can be supported with natural products • Oxidative stress—whether it’s good or bad—and the concept of redox balance • The connections between targeted botanicals, including adaptogens and specific herbs and nutrients • Antioxidants’ capacity to work synergistically with the body to deliver results • Nootropic ingredients at the forefront of cognitive health research

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  • Underwriter mentioned in write-ups on appropriate Health & Nutrition brand websites, including Natural Products INSIDER
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  • Workshop will take place on: Wednesday, October 16 9am-Noon
    • ***This date is subject to change.  Any changes will not negate the agreement.
  • Underwriter logo and contact information printed in workbook distributed to visitors—underwriter to provide complete contact information to be included. Deadline: September 3, 2019 (Company contact information that is currently on file will be used unless new information is provided by the deadline listed above)
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  • Verbal recognition of underwriters at beginning of session
  • Underwriter receives two (2) complimentary passes for company representatives to attend the Workshop


  • Post-show email distributed to all Workshop participants
  • Underwriter may submit up to 40 pages of scientific literature (abstracts, white papers, etc.) to be included in post-show email that is in conjunction with speaker appreciation email. Deadline: September 3, 2019
  • Underwriter to receive complete contact information for Workshop visitors, excluding those who have opted out of Informa’s privacy policy