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Education Session Underwriting

A market on the upswing before COVID-19 has been propelled to new heights amid fresh consumer attention to the category and a rejuvenated focus on immune health. Natural products customers are now seeking regular maintenance of their immune system, bucking the previous seasonality of the category. Brands have responded with an influx of products targeting immunity, many combining with other ingredients aimed at gut health, sports performance, healthy aging and mental function.

This session will cover:

  • The swift rise of pre-, pro- and postbiotics for immune system support.
  • New understanding of vitamin D’s role in immune system strength, and the controversies associated with studying vitamin D in the context of COVID-19.
  • Supply chain issues among some of the most popular immune health ingredients.
  • Functional foods and beverages, as well as new delivery formats targeting immune health.

Sponsorship Deliverables:


  • Underwriter mentioned in write-ups on appropriate Health & Nutrition brand websites
  • Underwriter recognition within Schedule, included on SupplySide West website, Expo Preview, Show Guide and Mobile App
  • Underwriter recognition featured on Education promotional ad within Expo Preview


  • Workshop will take place on: Thursday, October 28 | 9-10:30am*
    • *This date/time is subject to change. Any changes will not negate the agreement
  • Underwriter recognition in education program materials distributed to visitors
    • Underwriter to provide company logo, website URL and email address to be included
  • Underwriter logo to appear on signage in Workshop room
  • Underwriter logo to appear on digital signage with full show schedule in a high traffic area of the show
  • Underwriter can provide literature or promotional items to be distributed to visitors at Workshop in the back of the room; underwriter is responsible for bringing literature/promotional items to Workshop and the set-up/tear-down of items
    • SupplySide encourages underwriters to distribute literature digitally, both as a means of sustainability efforts and reducing health & safety risks
  • Verbal recognition of underwriters at beginning of session
  • Underwriter receives two (2) complimentary passes for company representatives to attend the Workshop


  • Underwriter to receive complete contact information for Workshop registrants, excluding those who have opted out of Informa’s privacy policy


  • Workshop will take place in-person and will livestream to SupplySide Network 365
  • Underwriter logo to appear in livestream virtual environment on SupplySide Network 365
  • The session will be listed within the agenda on SupplySide Network 365
  • The session details page will highlight all participating underwriters including company name, logo, and link to your SupplySide Network 365 existing company page
  • Underwriter may provide literature in PDF format (one file, any desired length) to be available for download during and after the session
  • Underwriter recognition in all marketing promotions to relevant audience members including email, promotional ads placed on health and nutrition websites and social media promotion via Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Underwriter will receive the list of those who registered and attended the session
    • All pre-registered leads that have given consent for 3rd party share per Informa data privacy policies will be sent within 24 hours of live session
      • Sponsorship program must be paid in full before lead delivery will begin
  • The session will be available on-demand for 60 days within SupplySide Network 365
    • All leads that have given consent for 3rd party share per Informa data privacy policies over the 60-day program will be provided on a weekly basis, along with a program marketing report provided at the end of the program