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Interested in a thought leadership opportunity that leverages New Hope Network’s print, digital and event portfolio? Premier Content Partnerships are collaborative, education sessions that combine a New Hope Network co-branded content marketing campaign with an on-site Natural Products Expo education event, or a live virtual event. These opportunities leverage New Hope insights and expertise for the event, including curating the speakers and developing session content in partnership with New Hope experts. Complementary co-branded content is created in collaboration with our content experts to develop a year-round presence around the themes of the educational program. The program’s digital and print content will reinforce our partner’s thought leadership around designated themes brought to life through the on-site event experience. The Premier Content Partnership also includes a robust marketing effort that drives engagement with content and attendance to the live in-person or digital event. Show-related marketing promotions include a two-touch email campaign, social media marketing support, and marketing through our print and digital publications.

  • Recognition as a Gold Sponsor.
  • Pre-Event
    • New Hope Network content team to design a custom multi-touch digital content program and a Natural Products Expo East (NPEE) hosted education session.
      • Digital content programs include digital and/or print assets such as co-branded eGuides, interactive infographics, webinars, custom websites, videos, email marketing campaigns, and printed inserts in Natural Foods Merchandiser.
        • Specific assets are determined in collaboration with partner.
      • 90-minute hosted education session to be co-branded and created collaboratively by Sponsor and New Hope Network content team.
        • Sponsor and New Hope Network to choose presenters, design programming, and create content collaboratively either in hybrid format on-site at NPEE or virtually on NPEE virtual platform†.
          • Presenters must be approved by New Hope Network content team to preserve the integrity of the session marketed as free-to-attend to all NPEE on-site and virtual badge holders.
        • Hosted education session title, description, speaker information, and Sponsor logo listed on the NPEE online schedule.
        • Hosted education Session title and Sponsor logo printed in the Show Directory Map* and in Natural Food Merchandiser* (September edition.)
  • Expo East Event Week
    • On-site 90-minute hybrid hosted education session or virtual hosted education session to be moderated by New Hope Network; panel curated collaboratively and may include New Hope Network content and data experts.
      • Hybrid Delivery:
        • Room rental and standard room set provided.
          • Theater style seating.
          • Stage with 1 podium and up to 5 chairs for speakers.
        • Standard A/V set provided.
          • 1 podium microphone and up to 5 handheld or 5 lavaliere microphones available.
          • LCD projector and projection screen.
        • 6’ outreach table to feature Sponsor’s products or literature during the session. Extra product may be placed beneath table and restocked by sponsor representatives.
          • Products must be approved by New Hope Network Standards prior to event.
        • Sponsor logo, session time and title featured on session slides and 1M sign at room entrance.
        • Lead retrieval scanner and operator provided at room entrance to capture attendee data.
        • Hosted education session will be recorded and available on-demand in the NPEE Virtual platform during the event week for onsite and virtual badge holders.
          • Opportunity to provide seminar slide deck for virtual attendees to download.
          • Company logo featured in HES video package.
          • Hosted educations session title, description, speaker information and Company logo listed on the NPEE Virtual agenda.
  • Post Event
    • Hosted education session attendee lead data provided to Sponsor for post-show lead follow up.
    • Recording of Sponsor’s hosted education session provided and available on-demand in the NPEE virtual platform.
    • New Hope Network content team to design a custom digital content program that could include post-show assets such as interactive infographics, videos and email marketing campaigns.
    • Specific assets are determined in collaboration with partner.


  • Custom Digital Content Program to be determined pre-contracting.
  • Hosted education session hybrid delivery location: Pennsylvania Convention Center.
    • Exact time of day and location subject to change.
    • Please note in the event that NPEE moves to a fully virtual event the hosted education session will move to the NPEE virtual platform.
  • Sponsorship recognition begins once contract is received. For maximum exposure, contract 11-months from the event.
    • Last date to contract: Friday, August 5, 2022.
  • Exclusive sponsorship opportunity.

*Based on date contracted.

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